Avenches National Equestrian Institute (IENA)

The Avenches National Equestrian Institute (IENA) combines sport, racing and equestrian disciplines on one site, on the outskirts of Avenches, near Lake Morat. Open to the public, visitors to the IENA can watch the races, enjoy a meal in “Le Paddock” restaurant or have a guided tour on request.

Opened in 1999, the Avenches National Equestrian Institute (IENA) is adjacent to the Haras National Suisse, on the outskirts of the Roman city. For training and competitions in various equestrian disciplines, the IENA has three race tracks, numerous fields, maneges and paddocks, covering approximately 142 hectares.

Whether experts or amateurs, equestrian enthusiasts flock here to watch around thirty competitions organised every year: harness races, speed races, show jumping or dressage, pony races and so on. Created for children between the ages of 9 and 16 who want to experience this sport in close contact with the animal, the IENA’s harness racing school holds several lessons a week.

Open every day, the IENA’s restaurant “Le Paddock” serves individuals or groups, who can book a guided tour of the institute or have a carriage ride organised by the Haras National Suisse.

Practical Information

AdressIENA Les Longs-Prés - 1580 Avenches
Phone+41 (0)26 676 76 76

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