Fondation Hervé - Vintage Car Museum

For classic car enthusiasts the Vintage Car Museum in Aigle boasts some extremely rare models in its unique collection. First opened in 1948, the collection was created by Jacques de Wurstemberger and is exhibited at the Hervé Foundation.

Perfectly evoking the car industry of the 1920s up until the present day, the Hervé Foundation’s vintage collection puts the focus on cars with particular technical capabilities or with stunningly elegant bodywork.

Displaying the collectioner’s favourite models, we can admire English, French and Italian cars typical of their era. Some are no longer in production and with only a few models still in existence, they are extremely rare.

Started over 60 years ago, the Hervé Foundation vintage car collection will delight all classic car lovers. The Avion Voisin C25, Aston Martin DB1 and the Delage are just a few of the iconic models on display.

Practical Information

AdressZ.A. Châble-Croix Chemin de Marjolin - 1860 Aigle
Phone+41 (0)24 495 12 27

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