Bois des Brigands (The highwaymen’s wood)

With its charming forest cabin of yesteryear and the numerous walking paths, it is a forest which is greatly appreciated by the village population and the surrounding district.

The highwaymen concept has been continued as follows: an overall itinerary of 3 circular routes in the form of a «pain de coucou» or three leafed clover, the centre of which is the forest cabin called «Repaire». Each circle (leaf) can be enjoyed by a variety of people such as ramblers, families, school outings and groups.

Not to miss: «Le Donjon», situated near the edge of the forest on the east side of the Commounaille woods. This wooden tower is 16m high and offers visitors an exceptional view over the Alps.

Open all year round. Free entry.

Practical Information

AdressRefuge du Bois des Brigands - 1410 Thierrens
Phone+41 (0)21 905 32 49

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