Historical tour of Moudon

The architectural, historical and cultural values of Moudon don't need to be proven. In order to emphasize these values, the municipality, the association of development, the town guides and the organization Moudon Région Tourisme produced a complete historical tour in our town. This accentuation of Moudon is important for guests who initially had not planned a guided tour or who have no occasion to attend a guided tour on the first Saturday of the month from May to October. In this way, with this project, Moudon could set up an essential historical and touristic extension for the guests as well as for the inhabitants.

For this purpose, about thirty explanatory easy to recognize brown plates of 29 x 29 cm are fixed on the most important buildings of the town. You will also find columns with descriptions of specific archeological sites in the upper part of the historic centre (Musée du Vieux-Moudon).

A logo (on the first page) represents the marker of this project. Signposts on the most important crossroads enable each guest to continue his tour in his own rhythm. The English version of the descriptions on buildings and signposts are displayed on folders distributed by the Tourist Office in town.

Practical Information

AdressMoudon Région Tourisme Grand Rue 25-27 - 1510 Moudon
Phone+41 (0)21 905 88 66

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