Upper town of Moudon

The small market town of Moudon sits in the curves of the river Broye and is lulled by the cool waters of the river Mérine as it flows below the cliffs on which is perched the “Ville Haute” (high town).

The upper part of the actual “rue du Chateau” (Castle Street) is the oldest sector with its archways on the houses and the large tower, a remnant of the ruling lord’s fortress. It also shows several similarities with the town of Bern and Fribourg.

Moving southwards the rue du Chateau joins the “rue du Bourg” which runs along the ridge of a long rocky offshoot. Its still typical medieval appearance symbolised by the high outside rear walls of the houses being built as a prolongation to the sandstone cliffs on which they stand, has entitled the “Ville Haute” of Moudon to be classified as a site of national interest.

Practical Information

Adress - 1510 Moudon
Phone+41 21 905 88 66

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