Gottéron gorge

The Gottéron Gorge opens its doors to you after the Bern Bridge on the right. In the old times, the knights didn't dare to venture in... It was said that a dreadful dragon was living there... Then in the 13th century, under the reign of Duke Berchtold de Zähringen, it was the blacksmiths and the millers who set up in the gorges to take advantage of the stream for their vanes.
Before entering the valley you will see the Fountain of Faithfulness on your right. Behind it there is the last wooden house of the old days built against the molasse wall. At the end of the street you will find the charming little chapel of St-Béat that used to be a place of pilgrimage to get protection against animals and diseases.

Does the dragon of Gotteron ring you a bell? It is on the iced pool of the old fish farm that the team of HC Fribourg Gotteron was born a night of december 1937, result of the passion of 6 youngs of the neighbourhood.

After walking past the fish farm, the gorge awaits, where the footbridges and sturdy wooden steps will ease your way through this idyllic landscape. At the end of the gorge, go towards Bourguillon to come back to Fribourg. Use either "Le sentier du Dürrenbuhl" to join the Bern Bridge, or use "Le Sentier des Falaises" to go down to the old city through Lorette, one of the most beautiful panorama of Fribourg.

Gotteron Gorge open or closed? Information on the following page: by Aktuelles/News (no indication means the Gorge is open always at your own risk)

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