HR Giger Museum

Immerse yourself in the world of Fantastic Art.

In 1980, HR Giger, a Swiss artist, won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects for his participation in the film "Alien".

The museum is located in St-Germain castle, in the centre of the medieval town of Gruyères. It contains the biggest existing collection of the works of HR Giger: paintings, sculptures, furnishings, film sets. Between reality and fiction, past and future, HR Giger takes you on a journey into the fascinating world of your imagination.

The HR Giger bar, opposite the museum, is also well worth visiting.

The HR Giger museum is located a few metres away from Gruyères Castle. A special rate gives access to the two museums.

Practical Information

AdressMusée H.R.Giger - 1663 Gruyères
Phone+41 26 921 22 00

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