Vineyard and wine-tasting cellar

The Cheyres vineyards extend for 14 hectares along the shores of the Neuchatel lake.

It is not only an entirely Fribourg vineyard, but it is also the only one situated on the south shore of the lake.

The region benefits from a microclimate which is very favourable for wine production. Historically, a wine growing village, today Cheyres attracts many tourists thanks to its proximity to the lake and the Grande Cariçaie nature reserve. The largest bog in Switzerland, it supports a quarter of the flora and fauna of the country.

Joined in partnership
The Association of Broyard wine producers has 25 members and manages an estate of 10 hectares, "The size of the estate does not allow us to earn a living from it, these wine producers are really passionate people", explains Roland Pillonel, director of the association. These wine producers welcome you to their cellars twice a week to discover their nectars, primarily of the Chasselas and Pinot Noir. The association also offers spirits, especially those made from quince, Botzi AOC pears or plums, all originating from the region.

Our favourite
For Roland Pillonel, this is the "Grivevin" which delights his palate the most, "it is a collection of Pinot Noir, Gamaret and Garanoir matured for several months in oak casks. It gathers all the flavours together that typify the region, but here, we prefer to speak of originality rather than of speciality.

Practical Information

AdressAssociation des Vignerons Broyards Roland Pillonel Le Ferrajoz - 1468 Cheyres
Phone+41 (0)26 663 80 23

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