Museums in Morges Castle

Built to protect the town in the Middle Ages, Morges Castle is now an important cultural and recreational attraction with four museums under its roof: the military museum, figurine museum, artillery museum and police museum.

Built in the 13th century by Louis of Savoy on the shore of Lake Geneva, Morges Castle now accommodates four museums.

The Military Museum presents 350 years of history. It focuses on locals from the Lake Geneva Region who went into Foreign Service, particularly Napoleon’s army, and also on military writers.

The Swiss Historic Figurine Museum shows historic reconstitutions of battlefields depicting military figurines dressed in warrior uniforms. The collection was put together by Raoul Gérard.

The Artillery Museum gives an overview of the history of cannons from the Burgundy wars to our time. 40 artillery devices and their projectiles illustrate this evolution.

The Police Museum, which was opened in 2006, tells the story of the Lake Geneva police corps founded in 1803. The police comprised 100 foot policemen, mainly locals who had fought in Napoleon’s army.

The renowned Polish pianist, composer and statesman Ignacy Jan Paderewski lived in Morges from 1897 until 1940, the year before his death.

The museum brings memories of this musician and politician alive with the help of archived documents, a huge library, recordings and some of Paderewski's belongings. Discover his story, and learn how this pianist became a true hero of the Polish cause during his country's most difficult years.

Situated in the old Bernois granary from 1991 to 2016, the Paderewski Museum is now established in the Morges Castle and displays a new design which is both modern and interactive.

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