Nyon Castle

A magnificent historic fortress, Nyon Castle stands proud in the centre of the town, with stunning views over Lake Geneva. Of significant cultural importance, the castle is home to a famous collection of porcelain made in Nyon along with the History Museum, retracing 3,000 years of the region’s history.

In a sumptuously laid out dining room in Nyon’s mediaeval castle, the Museum displays a collection of porcelain produced in Nyon between 1781 and 1813.

The Nyon Porcelain Factory, one of only two factories in Switzerland at the time, produced neo-classical pieces, essentially for a local clientele of dignitaries and aristocrats. It obtained its raw material of kaolin from Saint-Yrieix near Limoges and the whiteness of its porcelain is comparable with high quality French production.

The Nyon Porcelain Factory did not have the support of a sovereign, rather the wealthy middle class, and the revolutionary and Napoleonic troubles were the undoing of this expensive industry: the production of porcelain started to fall in 1805 and ceased altogether in 1813. However, the factory continued to produce fine ceramics until 1979.

Practical Information

AdressPlace du Château - 1260 Nyon
Phone+ 41 22 316 42 73

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