Horse Museum

Between Morges and Yverdon-les-Bains, the village of La Sarraz is dominated by an imposing castle. Here, in the castle’s barn, the Musee du Cheval horse museum tells the story of man’s greatest conquest. A fascinating place to visit for both children and parents.

The Musée du Cheval was opened in the imposing original 18th century barn at La Sarraz Castle in 1982. The museum is divided into several themes including coaches, work horses, army horses, urban horses, toy horses and horses in art.

This rich collection includes some unusual historical pieces including the Grimsel mail coach which was built in 1895 and ran from Meiringen to Gletsch until 1922. Jean-Abram Noverraz, Napoleon Bonaparte’s Vaudois servant, left the gifts he received from the emperor who was subsequently exiled to Saint Helena on Vaudois soil. These included three French style saddles, three bridles decorated with silver and four hunting rifles which were for Napoleon’s personal use.

An 11th century fortress, La Sarraz Castle was home to the nobles of La Sarraz until 1948.

Practical Information

AdressLe Château 1 - 1315 La Sarraz
Phone+41 79 205 32 91

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