Vully tart

As its name suggest, Gâteau du Vully comes from the beautiful Swiss area of Vully, at the heart of the Three Lakes Region. The best-known version of this famous tart is made with sugar and cream and generally called “salée au sucre”, but there’s also a savoury version made with bacon and cumin.

Simple and delicious, the Vully tart is available in all good bakeries in this Northern Vaudois region and sometimes even beyond. In the Avenches area, it’s made at home, often using a family recipe.

In the olden days, Gâteau du Vully was more common in its savoury version, flavoured with bacon and cumin, and enjoyed with a glass of chasselas as an apéritif. Recipes were shared and exchanged at the communal oven while the tarts were baking.

When sugar became a common foodstuff, “salée au sucre” became more widespread. It’s easy to make but the recipe is very precise. What makes it even more delicious and surprising are the little holes on the surface, called “puits d’amour” (wells of love), where the cream, butter and sugar accumulate.

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