Swiss Game Museum

Housed in Tour-de-Peilz Castle, near Vevey and Lake Geneva, the collections of the Swiss Museum of Games offer a wealth of entertaining information about the universal concept of games through the ages and across borders. Families can also participate in a board game in the games room.

The Swiss Museum of Games perpetuates the joy of playing games in its “Games Castle” which also holds a Scrabble Championship as well as awale and bridge lessons, poker, chess or backgammon tournaments, along with games of croquet, games of skill, role-playing games or video games and more unusual games and juggling. It also organises games workshops for children. In the attic of the castle, there is a historic collection of games from ancient times to the present day, while the ground floor is used for events.

There is also an outdoor game trail, between the ramparts and the castle, overlooking Lake Geneva.

Does playing games make you hungry? If so, the Domino Restaurant in the gardener’s former cottage has a small menu.

This museum expresses its objective in fun way: to promote the culture of playing games as an element of the universal cultural heritage.

Practical Information

AdressAu Château Case postale 9 - 1814 La Tour-de-Peilz
Phone+41 (0)21 977 23 00

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