Cobalt Project

Forget all the stereotypes known by those who have never immersed themselves in the adventure, and come test your individual or team aptitudes within strategy, self-discipline and allocation of resources!

Cobalt Project is the next level, the reality, of the game known as Paintball, uniting several physical and strategic activities. The critical element that distinguishes us from the basic game: Exploration. Consequently, marking the opponent is not the sole purpose; it is a way to insure facilitated observation of passages and provide optimized coverage of the surrounded districts; thus one will find what or who one is looking for faster. Time becomes precious when one is trying to achieve their objective in an environment where infiltration and precision are the core strategies.

Practical Information

AdressRoute de la Claie aux Moines 324 - 1095 Lutry (La Croix)
Phone+41 21 711 38 8

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