La Garenne animal park

La Garenne, a popular family excursion destination, is in Le Vaud, a village above Lake Geneva and bordering the Vaudois Jura Park. Open every day, the animal park is easily accessible by car or post coach on the Nyon - St. George line (daily) and the Gland-Bassins line (weekdays).

Active since 1965, La Garenne has healed wild animals in need, helped rare species to reproduce, presented many Swiss species and offered educational school workshops.

Entirely rebuilt and reopened on 19 March 2016, the new 3-hectare parks offer moments of unusual observation and fun activities, allowing visitors to discover our regional biodiversity and to spend relaxing moments with the family.

The park also offers a highly-appreciated children's playground. There is also a restaurant with a terrace and several picnic areas. The paths and park facilities are suitable for persons with reduced mobility and strollers.

Practical Information

AdressRte du Bois-Laurent 3 - 1261 Le Vaud
Phone+41 22 366 11 14

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