Lavaux Express

The Lavaux Express is an enchanting little train on wheels which carries it passengers through some of the most beautiful scenery in Switzerland: the UNESCO-listed Lavaux vineyards. Wine tourism enthusiasts can combine the ride with wine tastings or a walk through the vines.

The little Lavaux Express train is the perfect way to explore the Lavaux vineyard terraces, a UNESCO world heritage site.

From April to October, this little train on wheels winds its way through these vineyards forged by generations of dedicated wine makers. Along with the Lavaux wine, visitors will delight in the stunning scenery, with the green of the vines set against the shimmering blue of the lake.

With two loops (Lutry – Aran – Grandvaux – Lutry and Cully – Riex – Epesses – Dézaley – Cully), the ride takes approximately one hour and can be adapted on request for special trips for up 68 people. For such special trips and for group bookings on scheduled trips, booking is required.

Practical Information

AdressAssociation Lavaux Express Case postale 153 - 1095 Lutry
Phone+41 (0) 84 884 87 91

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