La Côte AOC

Between Lausanne and Genève, the 45 km long La Côte AOC vineyard is the biggest wine-making area of the Lake Geneva Region. From the shores of the lake to the foot of the Jura, from gravely earth to heavier soils, many different grape varieties grow here in ideal conditions for producing grands crus.

With over 2,000 hectares overlooking Lake Geneva, La Côte AOC is the biggest wine-making area of the Lake Geneva Region, as well as a top destination for wine tourism. In the villages of Féchy, Bursins or Echichens – among others – some of the best-known wine-making families in Switzerland welcome their visitors to enjoy exceptional wines.

Lakeshore, hills or rivers: the wide variety of landscapes and soils means that La Côte offers an ideal terrain for many grape varieties, whether white or red, more delicate or more robust. However, as in the whole of the Lake Geneva Region, Chasselas is king.

La Côte is also a land of history, with thirty chateaux to see along beautiful footpaths, for the perfect relaxing holiday.

Practical Information

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