The ‘Pyramides de gypse’ (Gypsum Pyramids)

The gypsum pyramids are a geological curiosity formed by erosion, near the Col de la Croix between Villars and Les Diablerets. What an amazing discovery to make while out hiking!

Over time, water and wind have eroded these sedimentary geological structures, creating impressive pyramids. These majestic gypsum pyramids of karstic origin testify to the history of this unspoilt natural area near the Col de la Croix, reaching a height of 1,778 metres. Accessible only in the summer, there are several paths to these amazing formations, either via the charming Lake Les Chavonnes or through the traditional, picturesque alpine meadows of Ensex and Taveyanne. If you don't want to walk too far, you can take the car or public transport to Col de la Croix, then it's a 15-minute walk to the pyramids, with the bonus of stunning views.

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