A foretaste of La Côte and the VD Jura (D)

39 km

7 activities

Leaving Lake Geneva, via Morges, this route is a delight for nature lovers and motorbike enthusiasts in search of a thrill.

From the narrow mediaeval streets of Morges to the wide open spaces of the Vaudois Jura, this route is a refreshing experience. As you climb, the cultural attractions of the lakeshore are replaced by nature pursuits and birdsong.

All leisure activities are in Nyon Region (M)

37 km

8 activities

Land of festivals, culture, traditions and nature, the Nyon region reveals everything it has to offer along this route.

The lakeside route from Geneva takes you on a discovery of everything the Nyon Region has to offer. With towns and mountains, lake and vineyards, the western end of the Vaud region offers visitors a whole host of activities for the whole family and a rich history to be discovered.

Along the shores of Lake Joux (E)

25 km

1 activities

This route reveals the unspoilt nature, watch-making know-how and traditions of this region like a precious secret.

This 25 kilometre route takes in the shores of Lake Joux, the biggest expanse of water in the Jura mountains, as well as a host of nature and sporting activities. A region of traditions, the Joux Valley is one of the birthplaces of Swiss luxury watch-making, as demonstrated by the Espace Horloger.

Alpine tour (P)

73 km

19 activities

Open from May to November, this route takes you up to the peaks of the Vaudois Alps for a big lungful of pure mountain air.

This unique route is the ideal way to truly experience everything the Swiss Alps have to offer by visiting real mountain villages. The Leysin–Les Mosses, Les Diablerets and Villars-Gryon resorts, playgrounds for sports enthusiasts of all levels, have all the authenticity and family appeal of the Vaudois Alps.

Authentic moments in La Gruyère (T)

79 km

16 activities

Behind the picture postcard scenery, La Gruyère is a rich land of great character. An absolute must-do visit!

If the La Gruyère section of the Grand Tour gave you a tempting taster of this area, there’s much more to come! This 80 km route takes you on a discovery of even more tourist activities, original sites and breathtaking scenery which will make you want to set off on one of the many walking trails.



Between the lake and Lavaux vineyards (B)

26 km

13 activities

A mythical route with some of Switzerland’s most stunning scenery; Lake Geneva, the Alps and the UNESCO Lavaux vineyard terraces.

Visitors who’ve already taken this route through the Montreux Riviera will remember it well: the serenity of Lake Geneva, the majesty of the Alps, the imposing Lavaux vineyard terraces and the magnificent Chillon Castle are all unforgettable.

Discover the regional and Olympic capital (C)

11 km

9 activities

This route along Lake Geneva and its buzzing lakeshore creates the feel of a seaside resort rather than the Vaud capital.

With artisan ice cream vendors, paddle wheel boats and prestigious hotels, Lausanne-Ouchy on the shores of Lake Geneva is the best possible way to enter the regional capital. With plentiful parking and the only metro in Switzerland, it’s easy for visitors to relax and explore the city.

Enchantment in Pays-d’Enhaut (K)

18 km

10 activities

Heading for Pays-d’Enhaut, this route is ideal for lovers of mountains, nature, typical architecture... and cheese!

This route through the Vaudois Alps takes you up to a beautiful, authentic and typically Swiss region. Pays-d’Enhaut is popular with many visitors, whether they’re walkers, sports enthusiasts or foodies. There’s something for all of them in the Gruyère Pays-d’Enhaut national park, the jewel of the region.

Exploring the Singine region (R)

61 km

5 activities

This route takes you on a tour through the Singine region via Schwarzsee, an oasis nestled amongst the mountains.

Close to the city of Fribourg, the Sense district is a natural and historical treasure trove. This route of just over 60 km takes you on a discovery of the region through its historical sites, architecture and mostly its unspoilt and preserved natural environment around the Schwarzsee lake.

Follow St. James' way through la Glâne (S)

70 km

8 activities

This route in the district of Glâne takes you on a discovery of skilled arts and crafts and surprising nature spots.

From Fribourg, follow in the footsteps of the pilgrims of St-Jacques de Compostelle to Romont, the Swiss capital of stained glass windows and glass. Here, in the Glâne region, you’ll find out how this town made a name for itself in this delicate craft.

From the Chablais to Lake Geneva (A)

26 km

9 activities

From the Chablais mountains to the shores of Lake Geneva, enjoy two completely different but beautiful landscapes in 30 minutes.

Travelling along this 26 km route from the Alps to the shores of Lake Geneva, you experience everything Switzerland has to offer in 30 minutes. Relax in the thermal waters, embark on an underground adventure or learn about local wines; these are just some of the tourist activities on offer.

Historic tour (Q)

88 km

20 activities

This route is a quick trip through the Trois-Lacs region, a land of history, good living and holidays, with a Mediterranean feel.

This 88 km route skirts round Lake Morat, to the southern shores of Lake Neuchâtel with its stunning beaches. The unexpected seaside feel of this tour is the ideal complement to the many historic sites to explore in this land of lakes where the first Swiss people settled.

L - Geneva - Coppet

24 km

2 activities

Kicking off your road trip in Geneva, could there be a better way to start?

From charming rural landscapes to the bohemian ambiance of Carouge – Geneva’s answer to Greenwich Village – while taking in the shores of Lake Geneva and its famous Jet d’Eau: the settings may change but the experience does not! Enjoy an amazing variety of different surroundings!
With a huge selection of hotels on offer, Geneva is the ideal city break destination!

Mediaeval town and contemporary bridge (I)

16 km

5 activities

Admiring the mediaeval city from its modern bridge sets the tone of Fribourg; historic yet vibrant.

Before entering the heart of this dynamic city, known as a Mecca for fine food enthusiasts, this route offers you a chance to admire Fribourg from the new Poya Bridge, with its futuristic architecture. With such a view, it’s impossible to resist the desire to find out more and visit every corner of this mediaeval town.

Rustic tour (N+O)

142 km

20 activities

Between Vaud and Fribourg, this route is a delight for lovers of rural tourism and holidays off the beaten track.

This 150 km route is a journey in itself with many nature excursions, sporting activities, local specialities to enjoy and cultural sites for all the family and all tastes. Certain sections of the route, like the mountain biking trails, are designed to promote green modes of transport.

Specialities and nature in La Gruyère (J)

41 km

8 activities

La Gruyère, one of the most idyllic rural regions in Switzerland is known for its scenery, local specialities and authenticity.

You’re en route for the Swiss dream! Despite being a popular holiday destination, the region of La Gruyère has lost none of its natural beauty. Its lush green landscape, clear lake, authentic character, mountains and delicious local products are the perfect memory of Switzerland to take home with you.

Three lakes, four cantons (H)

30 km

9 activities

A unique route linking three lakes, four cantons, a vineyard and a superb mediaeval town.

This route takes you on a discovery of the Trois-Lacs region, the native land of the Swiss and now a popular holiday destination for all the family. Here, you can easily visit all the key sites of Lakes Neuchâtel and Morat by car. Combining diversity and accessibility, this route sums up two qualities of our great country!

Two lakes, a world of leisure activities (F)

63 km

16 activities

On this route right across the Yverdon-les-Bains region, culture, nature, traditions and relaxation are on the agenda.

Leaving the Joux Valley, this route shows the diversity of the Yverdon-les-Bains Region, offering a whole host of tourist attractions featuring the region’s historical heritage, crafts, wine-making or culture in its broadest sense.