Access points

The cantons of Vaud and Fribourg are located in Western Switzerland and share their borders with the cantons of Geneva, Neuchâtel, Valais and with France.

Access by car is via the motorway:

  • A1 from Genève and France
  • A12 from Berne, Lucerne, Zurich
  • A5 from Neuchâtel, Bienne, Solothurn, Basel
  • A9 from Martigny, Sion, Brig

The car journey from Geneva airport takes just 40 minutes to Lausanne and 1h15 to Fribourg.

From Basel, the A2 motorway allows you to get to the Canton of Fribourg and then Vaud via its road connecting to the A12, which leads from Fribourg to Lausanne via Vevey. Taking this motorway is worthwhile because of its bucolic panorama and the spectacular view of Lake Geneva when descending towards Vevey.



From France/ Geneva International Airport

The cantons of Vaud and Fribourg are accessible via the A1 motorway from Geneva (Geneva-Lausanne 40 min - 65 km)

  • Annecy-Lausanne (100 km)
  • Lyon-Lausanne (210 km)
  • Paris-Lausanne (550 km)
  • Besançon-Lausanne (via Vallorbe 130 km) 



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