Rochefort Castle and Vieux-Moudon Museum

Located 20 km from Lausanne on the road to Bern, Moudon – the former capital of the county of Vaud – boasts some of Switzerland’s best-preserved buildings. A unique and lively collection at the Musée du Vieux-Moudon presents the town’s rich history.

Family cuisine, notary offices, bourgeois living rooms, the hard work of a farmer or craftsman, pub signs and the remains of the town’s arcades: all the objects presented show what everyday life was like in the past.

Located at the very top of the upper town, Château de Rochefort dominates the town with its imposing silhouette. Its clock, which is housed in a picturesque 18th century pinnacle, structures the life of the town's inhabitants.

In the museum, a stop in front of the interactive model, which shows the appearance of Moudon at the beginning of the 15th century (scale 1:500), is mandatory. A set of lights helps visitors not only to watch the history of the development of the town but also aspects of its everyday life.

In addition to the presentation of its permanent collection, the Museum du Vieux-Moudon organises a temporary exhibition each year.

Practical Information

AdressRue du Château 50 - 1510 Moudon
Phone+41 (0)21 905 27 05

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