Cremin Swin Golf Course

In Cremin, in the Vaudois Broye, near Fribourg, this swin golf course is a great way to have fun and discover this derivative of golf. With a restaurant, tree houses, mountain biking and riding, this picturesque region has many other activities on offer.

Swin golf was invented in the 80s by a golf enthusiast who wanted to make this game accessible to all. Easier to play and less expensive, swin golf is played with a single three-sided club and a soft foam ball. The Cremin Swin Golf Course between Moudon and Payerne is the ideal place to have a go at this sport, with its 2,500 m 18-hole course. After a quick introduction included in the admission price, golfers of all ages and levels can set off on a round of this beautiful natural course in the heart of La Broye.

After 2 to 3 hours of playing, golfers can relax in the restaurant which is known for its fantastic brunches using local farm produce. So they can have even more fun, visitors can spend the night here, either in farm accommodation or in a tree house, and make the most of the many other activities on offer. Minigolf on grass, thrilling mountain trails, riding and more are all part of a network linked by an “Adventure Trail”.

Practical Information

AdressChemin des Ecoliers 5 - 1526 Cremin
Phone+41 (0)21 906 87 90

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