Lavaux Panoramic

The Lavaux-Panoramic winds its way round the steep pathways of the UNESCO-listed vineyard terraces, offering visitors a welcome lift when they need it! By hopping on this delightful little train, visitors can enjoy the most stunning views in Switzerland, overlooking the vines, the lake and the mountains.

For a truly exciting way to discover the sloping Lavaux vineyard terraces, a unique construction shaped by man over many centuries, hop on board this little train on wheels.

As it winds its way through the vines of Chexbres, Saint-Saphorin, Rivaz and Chardonne, the little train takes you right into the heart of the beautiful Lavaux region, a UNESCO world heritage site of Lavaux.

Lavaux Panoramic runs between april and october and offers several itineraries and thematic routes. Booking is advised for individuals and groups.

Practical Information

AdressAssociation Lavaux-Panoramic Case postale 126 - 1071 Chexbres
Phone+41 (0) 79 206 51 23

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